OWP research

Sustainable Cities and City Monitoring

Wethouder van Caldenborghlaan 76 - 6226BV - Maastricht - +31-43-3477462

About us...

OWP Research, founded in 1999, is an independent research institute in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Our main research efforts have been targeted at local economic impacts and city monitoring. Both field work and analytics are at the heart of our research activity. We have great knowledge about modern techniques and devices for monitoring city behaviour.

About Sustainability & Monitoring ...

Cradle to cradle is the magic mantra, these days. What does it mean to cities? Our first effort is to define “sustainability” for cities in clear language, in clear goals and policies. Next, monitoring of activities and results, presented in dashboards and benchmarks, will unveil the success of sustainable policies in cities. Lots of examples, lots of inspiration and lots of experience from our side.

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